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Ý nghĩa số 520 trong nhiều khía cạnh

Have you ever asked a question? What is the meaning of number 520? in life yet? If you see the number 520 appear, what should you think of and how to use this number? All of the above questions are answered by Topsim in the following article explaining what the number 520 means.


1. Meaning of number 520 in Love

Love is an elusive, unpredictable emotion. With some invisible force, people still think of ways to confess and express their feelings to the other party. They speak to each other without pomp, without ostentatious, but full of sincere affection!

1.1. Origin of the number 520 in Chinese

You may not know, in Chinese, the pronunciation of 520 is similar to wǒ ái nǐ (I love you). Besides, the Chinese have a habit of writing the month and then the date. Therefore, May 20 will be written as 5/20, this is a Chinese Valentine’s Day. Since then, the number 520 is a symbol of eternal love.

y-nghia-so-520 (2)
The origin of the meaning of the number 520

This number is spread throughout Chinese social networks thanks to the Taiwanese singer. In the lyrics, there is a line 520 – I love you. So 520 reached young people faster and became a trend.

Number 520 is associated with a love story that moves people in China:

“The story is about a man and a woman who love each other, but the boy is shy and does not dare to express his heart. The girl waited and did not receive a confession, so she was very angry. As time went on, the girl boldly said to the boy, “Today, please take me home by bus 520!”. The boy was confused because bus route 520 was not the route to the girl’s house, so he hesitated whether to do it or not. The young man wondered about bus route 520 until he heard a specific explanation on the radio. The boy was very happy to know that the girl had feelings for him too and they began to fall in love.”.

That’s trueSometimes we don’t dare to express our feelings just because we are afraid that the other person will not be moved by us. However, the opportunity only comes once, so boldly show your opponent. Regardless of the outcome, you will not regret this emotional episode.

1.2. What is the connection between 520 and 521?

The number 521 in Chinese is pronounced wǔ èr yī (i love you/ i love you). If people say 520 is a confession, then 521 is an agreeable response from the other half.

If May 20 is the Valentine’s Day for a male friend, May 21 will be a Valentine’s Day for a female friend. In this moment of interference between these two days, the lovers will give each other the sweetest words. In particular, this also became the most successful day of confession, because they thought that the other half was really sincere to them.

In another aspect: The meaning of the number 0 is you, me, you (like the word “You” in English). Number 2 means love and number 5 is me, you (same word “I” in English). In love, the number 520, in terms of meaning, is not only based on homophony, but it is also used for the purpose of confessing, typically “i love you”.

2. The meaning of number 520 according to folk concept

According to folklore, the meaning of the number 520 is the number of perfection, abundant blessings, bringing good luck to the owner. Numbers are made up of:

  • 5: In Chinese, the number 5 is read as five, accompanied by five blessings and five virtues. Therefore, folk believe that the number 5 symbolizes wealth and virtue.
  • No. 2: Chinese read as Nhi, which also means Forever, expressing harmony and sustainability. At the same time, it also symbolizes happiness, but joy in the forest.
  • Number 0: Real means normal, no need to worry
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This combination creates the meaning that the number 520 is symbolic happiness, happiness forever, lasting attachment.

3. The meaning of the number 520 in Eastern feng shui

3.1 According to the Five Elements

y-nghia-so-520 (3)
What does feng shui say about the number 520 .?

Considering the five elements, the number 5 belongs to the earth element, number 2 belongs to the earth element, and the number 0 belongs to the water element. When considering each pair 5-2 (Support Earth) and 2-0 (Tho Khac Thuy). So the number 520 will favor the five elements of Earth. The number 520 will be suitable for people with Earth and Kim destiny (Earth born Kim). Choosing a lucky number will bring you luck and fortune.

3.2.According to Yin and Yang coordination

According to the law of Yin and Yang theory, all things have Yin or Yang properties. Even numbers are negative and odd numbers are positive. If we analyze the number 520, we have 5 odd numbers with positive attribute combined with 2 as even numbers with negative attribute and combined with even numbers as 0 with negative attribute. The number 520 is a prosperous Yin number. If you match with a person with a positive Yang character, it will balance Yin and Yang. Is a combination of softness, humility, and steadfastness and confidence

3.3. According to the hexagram translation

According to feng shui experts, to analyze the hexagram of a series of numbers, you divide the series of numbers into 2 parts of the upper and lower hexagrams. Take the sum of the hexagrams and divide by 8, how much the remainder will correspond to the monsters in the Tien Thien Ba Quai.

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So the number 520 belongs to hexagram 61 Phong Trach Trung Phu (中孚 zhōng fú) has the omen of “Extremely auspicious”, which is a good hexagram in the I Ching. Trade prospers, marriage is harmonious, sickness disappears, people who go and lose will return.

Comments on hexagrams:

“Having decided to be abstinent, the superiors must keep their faith so that the people below believe them, so after the hexagram of the Tiet comes the hexagram Trung Phu. The middle husband is having faith (hu) in the (middle) heart.

Middle husband: Sand fishing post, Dai Xuyen card, Loi Trinh. This hexagram in the middle has two syllables (two dashed lines), as in an empty heart (an empty mind) with no lust, no intention; and the 4 positive lines are solid, solid, real (as opposed to bad), but the 2 and 5 lines are middle (between the inner and outer monsters), so there is honesty. Therefore, the hexagram is named Trung Phu

The great story says that the wind above, staring below, is the wind that moves water like sincerity can move people. Therefore, though he is faithful, he deals with the affairs of the world; like trial, the lightning will go back and forth, find a way to save the sinner, forgive the dead sin.

4. The meaning of the number 520 in the series of phone sim numbers

  • The meaning of the number 5 in the beautiful number sim: The number symbolizes the desire for freedom.
  • Meaning of number 2 in beautiful number sim: Brings the meaning of fortune and luck to the user.
  • The meaning of the number 0 in the beautiful number sim: Represents a turbulent new beginning.

As analyzed in terms of feng shui above, 520 is a number that brings good things, so it is highly appreciated and welcomed by everyone. SIM card number 520 is considered a beautiful sim, easy to remember and attract good things, especially about money and people.

Not just career, the phone number 520 can also help the owner on the way to find a life partner. If you are a man, you will soon find a gentle wife, a good wife, if you are a woman, you will find a shore, a loving and pampering husband.

5. Meaning of number 520 in Numerology

How is the meaning of the numbers 520 in numerology interpreted? We can see that the number 520 includes the energy and vibes of the number 5, number 2 and number 0.

y-nghia-so-520 (1)
Meaning of number 520 in numerology
  • Number 5 is characterized by personal freedom, curiosity and encouragement, motivation, growth, adaptability, flexibility, new opportunities, making positive choices for oneself, life, lessons Learning gained through experience, important life changes.
  • No. 2 relating to the quality or characteristic of duality, balance and harmony, cooperation and partnership, adaptability, altruism and devotion, help and responsibility.
  • Number 0 is the center of the yin and yang sequence. In terms of time, it represents the beginning, from “nothing” to “nothing” and vice versa. In terms of meaning, the number 0 in Numerology is not associated with any particular feature or object and the value is infinite.

This combination makes the number 520 signify limitless optimism, companionship and positivity.

6. The meaning of the numbers 520 in the license plate

The number 520 is a 7 country license plate ie the sum of the numbers in the license plate is 7 (except for the province code), here we add each number in the number plate 520 if it is greater than 10, then continue to add to get a small number. more than 10 we call it water or knot.

Here, the number plate 520 has a total of 7, so it is called a 7-button sea or a 7-country sea (total level 1 is 7). But if the license plate of 7 countries is 80A, it is naturally a good number plate because your natural general has been shown to be an official more than a person, so the sea of ​​many countries is also a beautiful sea, of course if it is a sea of ​​five. quarter or quarter or progressive number, the better the path to fame, in addition, the driver for you should also suit you, the best.

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7. What does 520 mean in a dream??

y-nghia-so-520 (4)
What does it mean to dream of the number 520?

In a dream you see the number 520 appearing and are quite confused about the meaning of this dream. Dream decoding shows that the number 520 is an omen Have someone to help you at work?, support to overcome all difficulties, achieve many successes. Besides, a dream with the number 520 is also a happy omen about love, both harmony and lasting connection.

8. People who match the number 520

According to the five elements of mutual birth, the number 520 is destined for Earth, so the number 6789 will be suitable for people with Earth destiny and also with people with Kim destiny (Earth born Kim). You should use the tail 6789 to add more energy to keep the spirit confident and comfortable

  • The person destined for Kim including birth years: 1932, 1992, 1955, 2015, 1984, 1924, 1933, 1993, 1962, 2022, 1985, 1925, 1940, 2000, 1963..
  • People destined for Earth including birth years: 1938, 1998, 1961, 2021, 1930, 1990, 1939, 1999, 1968, 2028, 1931, 1991, 1946, 2006.

9. What does the number 520 mean when combined with other numbers??

y-gia-so-520 (5)
Number 520 when combined with other numbers

The number 520 when combined with other numbers will have different meanings. That is:

  • Number 0520: Shows the owner has a unique and strong personality
  • Number 1520: Giving users health, trust and power at work.
  • 5201314: I love you forever and ever.
  • Number 2520: Beautiful number, easy to remember and leave an impression on customers.
  • Number 3520: Brings luck and fortune to the owner.
  • Number 4520: Expressing luck and prosperity throughout the 4 seasons.
  • Number 5520: Sim is a beautiful number, bringing fortune and luck to the owner.
  • Number 6520: Brings the meaning of money, sustainable fortune, long-term development.
  • Number 7520: Users will have a support person
  • Number 8520: Shows the development of fortune, prosperity, luck in work that is forever proliferating and proliferating.
  • Number 9520: The sim is very beautiful, showing the class forever over time.

10. Some questions related to the number 520

What does the number 520 mean in love?

In love the number 520 means a confession “I love you”. This number is also Valentine’s Day on May 20 in China.

What does the number 1314 mean?

The number 1314 means life and life. This number is also chosen by many young people to express their feelings for the other person, vowing to love them for a lifetime.

What does the number 202 mean in love?

Unlike the two numbers above, the number 202 represents an intense love but does not have a complete ending. One of them is afraid of being hurt, so they decide to stop so as not to give the other a chance to hurt them.

Meaning of numbers in love?

Each number has a meaning in love. Numbers represent passionate love, enduring numbers, lifelong, but there are also numbers with sad endings.


Here are the contents of the commentary The meaning of the number 520 what it is in different ways. Topsim hopes this will be useful information to help readers have the most complete and general view of what the number 520 means. From there, the orientation of using the number 520 in life aspects is most appropriate and effective. Wish you success!