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Ý nghĩa số 4444 – Con số thiên thần

The meaning of the number 4444 how in each aspect, point of view. Does it have the ability to bring luck or bad luck as users speculate? To learn more, please join TOPSIM Find out in the article.


1. Meaning of number 4444 according to folk concept

In Chinese, the number 4 reads as “Four“close in meaning to”Death‘ means death, bad luck. That’s why many people avoid this number.

y-nghia-so-4444 (3)
Number 4444 according to folk opinion

But besides that, the number 4444 according to folk beliefs in life is also said to be the number of luck and development. Because in nature there are too many things associated with the number 4 such as: There are 4 seasons in a year Spring, summer, autumn, winteror the earth has quadrilaterals North East South West and the universe is made up of Earth – Water – Fire – Air.

That is why in human life, number 4444 is considered a number bring a lot of luck.It is the number representing the square, symbolizing solidity and stability. So it is a number capable of bringing good luck to the owner.

In particular, when there are 4 4s standing next to each other, it will create “the four immortals, meaning longevity, forever. So people yearn for the four quarters 4444 like the desire for peace, stability, stability for all roads.

2. The meaning of number 4444 in Eastern feng shui

2.1. According to the Five Elements

According to the five elements, we have the number 4 belonging to the five elements of Wood. Since then, the five elements of the number 4444 are Wood.

  • What is the fate of the number 4444? Among the five elements that give birth to Wood and Fire, the number 4444 will be the number that brings the most prosperity to the Fire par. This number is an effective assistant to help promote internal capacity so that the Fire element has the opportunity to shine and achieve countless successes in work, health and family. Besides, the number 4444 is also very useful for the Moc par on the path of career development.
  • Which fate number 4444 is engraved? In the opposite five elements, Moc carved Tho, so the Tho destiny should stay away from the number 4444. This number may bring dangerous calamities that make it difficult for the master of destiny to go up.
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2.2.According to the harmony of Yin and Yang

According to the Yin and Yang coordination, 4444 is an even number belonging to the Yin system with accumulated, attracted, and converged energy. This source of energy helps many people to accumulate and preserve assets, and to recruit talents and resources to their units, organizations and businesses. So the meaning of the number 4444 is the gathering of fortune, converting from bad luck to good luck.

2.3. According to the hexagram translation

According to the basic Nine Stars Chart of Tien Thien Ba Quai, the number 4444 is the hexagram 2 Pure Wisdom (坤 kūn). Wise has the first and great virtue, gallantry, appropriateness, righteous virtue and endurance of a mare. The gentleman has a job but the leader is wrong, let others take the lead and follow him. Only for the benefit of all things. If you go to the southwest, you will gain friends, if you go to the northeast, you will lose friends. Peace of mind to keep the virtue steady and good.

3. The meaning of number 4444 in Love

In love, the meaning of the fourth quarter 4444 is a person who is looking for a love, looking for a perfect person. These people often have the feeling that no one understands them, live introspectively, do not reveal their thoughts for the other person to understand. Therefore, when you see the number 4444, you need to reconsider and change yourself, so that you can find someone who truly loves you.

y-nghia-so-4444 (4)
Number 4444 in love

Besides, There are also views that believe that angel number 4444 is implicitly leading the way, pointing the way to help you find true love. And if someone is in a relationship, it will support your feelings to be more sublimated.

For TOPSIM, among billions of people around the world, to find your true love is not an easy thing. We understand why you hesitate to start, it may be fear of betrayal, fear of the wrong person, fear of being responsible, etc. However, you should bravely face those fears, surely Surely you will also find the right person, understanding and sharing everything.

4. What does the psychic Doreen Virtue say about the number 4444?

When it comes to psychics Doreen Virtue Not everyone knows and understands him well. Why TOPSIM mentions Doreen Virtue in this section is because he also gave his personal views on number 4444. Therefore, TOPSIM This will give you a fresh perspective on this issue.

According to Doreen Virtue: The number 4444 implicitly reminds you that you are facing a big decision, a big plan of life. You probably know how difficult that can be yourself. However, do not worry too much because this number will lead the way, show you the way. The most important thing right now is that you need to focus on your goals, believe in yourself.

5. The meaning of 4 4s and twin souls

You may not know, twin souls are a special phenomenon. Many people think that you have to be very lucky to meet them. It can be an acquaintance, a stranger, but they have very similar characteristics to you in terms of personality. From there, they will sympathize and understand your pain and hardship.

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y-nghia-so-4444 (5)
Number 4444 and twin souls

Naturally, the appearance of angel number 4444 will speed up your meeting with the other person. Your bond with that person will be much stronger.

In fact, each of us has twin souls. However, meeting each other sooner or later will be affected by many different factors or there are people who have not met in their whole life.

6. What does the number 4444 mean in the bible

In the bible, the number 4444 is associated with faith and salvation. Not only that, the bible is saving us humans just like the angels are guiding you.

They will try to guide, light the way, show you the right path, without making mistakes. As long as you work hard and work hard, you will definitely get the results you deserve.

7. The meaning of number 4444 in numerology

The number 4444 is associated with strength and stability. This number will help you stay focused on your goals and focus your energy to get there. In addition, the number 4 also symbolizes power.

In addition, you can also refer to Meaning of numbers in numerology for more useful information. Maybe you will add knowledge to the meaning of your number 4444.

8. The meaning of number 4444 in phone sim number?

The meaning of the number 4 in the phone number sim is quite beautiful, it represents the 4 seasons of the year, the four directions, the morality of a person, etc.

y-gia-so-4444 (6)
The meaning of the number 4444 in the beautiful number sim

Some phones that end with 4 4s are called Quadrant 4 SIMs. This is one of the most popular sim types. Because it is both impressive and unique, it also helps users affirm their personal brand.

In addition, when using the fourth quarter SIM, the owner also desires a long-term peace, stability, and solid development. That’s why business people, people who do business always want to have a 4444 tail sim to make a company hotline number or a personal contact number.

However, there are also some views that believe that the fourth quarter is a bad number because it is related to “Death”, which signals bad luck, so many people often avoid this number.

For TOPSIM, each number has its own meaning and is suitable for each person. There are no good numbers nor bad numbers. So, if you feel the number 4444 is beautiful and meaningful, use it and don’t care too much about other people’s feelings.

9. What is the meaning of the number 4444 in the license plate?

License plate 4444 is considered a beautiful number plate that brings fortune, but still most people think that this is the person who thinks that license plate 444 brings disaster. Therefore, the meaning of license plate 4444 is still a controversial mystery.

10. What does 4444 mean in a dream?

Dreaming of the number 4444 is a harbinger of disaster coming to you, prepare yourself to receive it proactively to turn challenges into opportunities. Don’t be afraid or give up, as long as you dare to face it, everything will pass and you will also become stronger day by day.

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11. Those who match the number 4444.

The number 4 belongs to the Wood par, so the number 4444 is especially suitable for those of the Wood destiny.

The person with the Wood year of life

  • In 1928, 1988 (Mau Thin): Dai Lam Moc’s destiny.
  • 1929, 1989 (Ky Ty): Dai Lam Moc par.
  • 1942, 2002 (Nham Ngo): destiny Duong Lieu Moc.
  • 1943, 2003 (Quy Mui): destiny Duong Lieu Moc.
  • 1950, 2010 (Canh Dan): par Tung Bach Moc.
  • 1951, 2011 (Tan Mao): par Tung Bach Moc.
  • 1958, 2018 (Mau Tuat): par Binh Dia Moc.
  • Year 1959, 2019 (Year of the Pig): par Binh Dia Moc.
  • 1972, 2032 (Nham Ty): par Tang Do Moc.
  • 1973, 2033 (Qui Ox): par Tang Do Moc.

12. What does the number 4444 when combined with other numbers mean?

As analyzed and explained above, the number 4444 is a number with auspicious meanings. So when combined with other numbers, what does the number 4444 mean?

y-nghia-so-4444 (1)
Number 4444 when combined with other numbers
  • Number 44440: means a combination of 4 and 0 which means yin and yang harmony, balance, stability and solidity.
  • Number 44441: means to gain wealth and fortune, steady career, develop a balanced and stable life.
  • Number 44442: means to show growth, outstanding growth has a good meaning in work and career.
  • Number 44443: means decisive battle, tough and strong to destroy evil.
  • Number 44444: means to represent affluence, fullness, and wealth.
  • Number 44445: carries the meaning of family affection, wishing for a happy and harmonious life.
  • Number 44446: represents the constant effort, always rising in life, and at the same time, it means fortune and fullness.
  • Number 44447: means mysterious power, when combined with number 4, it means that if trying to overcome difficulties, success will be perfect.
  • Number 44448: means prosperity, prosperity, luck and abundant fortune.

13. Some questions related to the meaning of number 4444

What does 4444 mean in love?

In case you are still lonely, the number 4444 will help you find your true love soon. Maybe you are shy and do not dare to express your feelings in front of that person, this angel number will motivate and urge you to speak out. And if you are already with the other half, the number 4444 will help your love stronger.

What does 444 mean in the law of attraction?

In the law of attraction, the number 444 represents family. Maybe during this time your family is in need of your presence. So try to spend more time with your loved ones, care and listen to their feelings. In addition, if you want to learn more about the meaning of the number 444, you can refer to the article here.

What does license plate 4444 mean?

In license plates, the number 4 represents solidity, stability and rigidity. The number 4444 next to each other reminds you that you need to build yourself a solid foundation to achieve future success.

What does the fourth quarter money mean?

The note with the fourth quarter series is wanted by many people. Because they think it has the ability to bring a lot of luck to themselves. However, there is no definitive proof for this. So it’s still just people’s wishes, hopes and thoughts.


The above article is the detailed sharing of all about number 4444 . meaning are of particular interest to many readers. Hope this article has helped you get more useful information. You need to understand that, not just using the fourth quarter will make work and life convenient, but luck only really comes when you work hard.