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Mệnh Thổ hợp hướng nào? Những kinh nghiệm phong thủy để tài lộc tràn đầy

Feng Shui is a matter of concern to many Asians, because it can directly affect the luck and prosperity of the owner. In feng shui, there are five types of par: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. So, do you know people? Which direction is Earth destiny? Are not? Let’s find out with right here.

Which direction is Earth’s destiny – Feng Shui experiences to overflow with fortune

1. Overview of the Earth element in the five elements

1.1 The meaning of the Earth destiny

Earth element is one of the five basic elements of . Five Elements includes Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. It is symbolized by the earth, is yellow and square. The element Earth is not associated with a specific season like the other planets, but instead represents the time period between the seasons.

The positive side of Earth signifies fairness and intelligence, while the negative side of this element is creating darkness and unforeseen obstacles.

What is the meaning of Earth destiny?

Those born in the year of the Earth zodiac are born in the years of the Tiger, Tan Ox, Canh Ngo, Ky Mao, Mau Than, Tan Mui, Binh Tuat, Ky Dau, Dinh Hoi, Binh Thin, Canh Ty, and Dinh Ty. sharp and good communication.

Therefore, they are often successful and appreciated in their work. Earth people tend to work carefully, are respected and loved by everyone, but also have some weaknesses such as indecision and artistic sensibility.

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1.2 What is the fate of Earth?

Which Earth fate will match with what destiny?

To determine the fate that matches the Earth destiny, we need to apply the principle of mutuality of the five elements. The Five Elements include 5 mutual relationships, in the order of: Earth gives birth to Kim, Kim gives birth to Water, Aquarius gives birth to Wood and Moc gives birth to Fire, and Fire gives birth to Earth.

According to this mutual relationship, the Earth destiny will best merge with the Fire par (Fire gives birth to Earth) and the Kim destiny (Earth gives birth to Kim). In addition, the Tho par is also well compatible with the Tho destiny itself. Correspondence is considered good because these clauses share many of the same characteristics.

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1.3 Matching colorsTurkey

Color is an important element in feng shui and is often chosen by people based on the mutual relationships of the five elements. Choosing the right color will bring luck and auspicious in life.

Which direction is suitable for Earth with what color?

The Earth par is suitable for the Fire par, the Kim par and is compatible with the Earth par, so red, white and yellow are very good for those carrying this par. People with Earth destiny combined with these colors will bring convenience and luck.

The Earth element should avoid using green and black because these are opposite colors of the Wood element and the Water element, so it will bring bad luck.

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2. The principle of determining the direction of the house for people destined for Earth

When starting to build or renovate a house, to attract good air into the house and bring fortune to your family, choosing the direction of the house is very important. The Northeast and Southwest directions are most suitable for people with the Earth destiny.

Feng shui living room, bedroom, worship room should choose a good direction is Thien Y, Phuc Vi and Sinh Qi.

  • Celestial Medicine: If you meet heaven, you will be protected
  • Serving: Get help
  • Perennial: Everything is stable
  • Vitality: Full Blessings
  • Five Demons: Encounter disaster
  • Slaughter: The house has murderous aura
  • Harm: The house has a weapon
  • Deadly: Deadly

Here are the good and bad house directions for the Tho people for your reference and choice:

What is the principle of determining the fate of the earth direction?

Binh Tuat 1946

  • Good direction: East (Living); Male (Restored); North (Dien Nien); Southeast (Heavenly Medicine).
  • Bad Direction: West (Five Demons); Southwest (Luc Sac); Northeast (Disaster); Northwest (Death to Death).

Dinh Hoi 1947

  • Good direction: Northwest (Heavenly Medicine); West (Dien Nien); Northeast (Restored); Southwest (Birth).
  • Bad direction: East (Lucky), South (Disaster); North (Five Demons); Southeast (Tuyet Menh).

Canh Ty 1960

  • Good direction: East (Dien Nien); North (Birth); Nam (Thien medical); Southeast (Resurrection).
  • Bad direction: Northeast (Death to Death); Northwest (Disaster); West (Six Assassins); Southwest (Five Demons).

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New Ox 1961

  • Good direction: North (Heavenly Medicine); Southeast (Dien Nien); Male (Living Qi); East (restoration).
  • Bad Direction: Southwest (Hair Harm); Northeast (Luc Sat); Northwest (Five Demons); West (Death).

Tet Offensive 1968

  • Good direction: Northeast (Living); Northwest (Dien Nien); West (Heavenly Medicine); Southwest (Resurrection).
  • Bad Direction: East (Disaster); North (Death to Death); Nam (Luc Kill); Southeast (Five Demons).

Year of the Rooster 1969

  • Good direction: East (Dien Nien); Southeast (Restored); North (Birth); Nam (Heavenly Medicine).
  • Bad direction: Northwest (Disaster); Northeast (Death to Death); West (Six Assassins); Southwest (Five Demons).

Year of the Dragon 1976

  • Good direction: West (Living); Northeast (Tian Yi); Southwest (Dien Nien); Northwest (Resurrection).
  • Bad Direction: South (Destiny); Southeast (Disaster); East (Five Demons); North (Luc Sac).

Dinh Ty 1977

  • Good direction: Northeast (Living); West (Heavenly Medicine); Northwest (Dien Nien); Southwest (Resurrection).
  • Bad Direction: East (Disaster); Nam (Luc Kill); North (Death to Death); Southeast (Five Demons).
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Horse Soup 1990

  • Southeast (Living Qi); Dong (Thien y); Nam (Dien Nien); North (Resurrection) are good directions.
  • West (Disaster); Southwest (Death to Death); Northwest (Luc Thanh); The Northeast (Five Demons) are bad directions.

New Year 1991

  • Good direction: East (Living); Male (Restored); Southeast (Thien medical); North (Dien Nien).
  • Bad direction: Northeast (Damage); Northwest (Death to Death); Southwest (Luc Sac); West (Five Demons).

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3. In which direction does Tho people match the house?

Nice construction buy house is one of those plans that everyone has to go through. Because it affects your whole life in the long run, this is very important work. Tho people should choose the direction to build a house and buy a house as follows:

3.1 South facing house

Which direction is Earth’s destiny – South facing house?

Southwest direction is considered to be the direction of “thickening wealth and fortune” of the Tho people. In addition, the South direction is also the direction of “warm winter, cool summer”, which is great for people of the Earth destiny to settle down and live happily. With these advantages, the owner of the Tho par will easily get promoted, the job will go smoothly, and the career will be successful.

3.2 North facing house

Which direction is Earth’s destiny – House faces the North

The Tho people still have another choice, which is the Northeast direction. This direction belongs to the element of Water, and the Earth engraves the Water, so the Tho people have better advantages here.

To develop well in this direction, the owner of the Tho destiny needs to make efforts, try to learn and cultivate and learn. Surely, with these efforts, the people of the Earth destiny will quickly achieve prosperity and fortune.

3.3 Basement house

Which direction is Destiny in Earth – House in the basement

If you are facing with not enough money to buy a house, maybe choosing a basement house is a possible solution. People with Earth par will have an advantage when living in this house, because their actions are compatible with the earth, contributing to the development of their hidden talents.

However, you also need to be careful with your health when living in the basement, because this space has little sunlight, which can affect your health.

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4. Which direction should Tho people avoid?

People of the Tho par should avoid choosing a house facing East and West because these are two opposing directions, great cavalry with the owner of the Tho par. The East belongs to the Wood element, the West belongs to the Kim element, both of which are carved with the Earth element, so it will bring bad luck to the people of the Earth destiny.

4.1 West facing house

Which direction is Earth’s destiny – Avoid choosing a house facing the West

According to feng shui, people of the Earth destiny should avoid buying a house or building a house in the West. The West facing house can cause many difficulties and great invisible pressure on the destiny, making it difficult for the person to develop his or her abilities.

In addition, the house facing the West can also cause many troubles related to small people and the market, this is not a good choice for people with the Earth destiny.

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4.2 East facing house

Which direction is Earth’s destiny – Avoid choosing a house facing the East

If the Earth sign is in the East house, it will be easy to lack energy, lose health, and dissipate fortune. This is the opposite direction to the Earth destiny.

The Tho people here not only have difficulty in promoting their personal abilities, but also face many obstacles and challenges in their career as well as in love.

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5. Destiny should work in which direction?

In which direction should Tho choose the direction to work?

To arrange a suitable desk, people with the Earth destiny should choose the Northeast or Southwest direction to take advantage of the most positive energy. These energies will help them work more efficiently and maximize their qualities and strengths. Therefore, to achieve the highest efficiency, the desk of the people of the Earth destiny should be placed in this direction regardless of their sitting position.

6. In which direction should Tho people put the bed?

In which direction is the Earth destiny, which direction should the bed be placed?

According to feng shui, the Fire destiny gives birth to Earth and these two elements are interrelated with each other. Therefore, when choosing the direction of the bed for the people of the Earth par, should choose the direction of the Fire par, such as South, Southwest or Northeast. These directions can attract a lot of wealth and prosperity, and help the person to sleep deeply and avoid nightmares.

7. The direction of the kitchen is suitable for people destined for Earth

Which direction is the Earth’s destiny, so how to choose the right kitchen direction?

People with Earth destiny will find it most suitable when the kitchen is placed in the Northwest or Southeast direction. However, they should avoid directions like East, Southeast, West, and Northwest. Instead, choosing the Northwest or Southeast direction will help them feel more relaxed and comfortable in cooking and cooking.

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8. Notes to choose direction for people destined for Earth

People with the Earth destiny in feng shui need to note a few points when choosing a direction to create a favorable living and working space as follows:

What direction should Earth be in?
  • To find the right direction, it is necessary to consult many different sources.
  • In addition to choosing the direction of the house, the arrangement of furniture, house colors as well as materials is also very important. They will help to raise the wealth, improve the luck of the owner.
  • To decorate the interior in accordance with the zodiac sign, it is necessary to pay attention to the arrangement of objects so that the whole is not skewed, the rooms in the house need to be designed to link and harmonize with each other.

9. Conclusion

Here is all the information related to Which direction is Earth destiny?? and feng shui experiences to full of fortune. Hope this article will help you get useful information and put it into practice. And don’t forget to visit right away Muaban.netto be able to update more information about feng shui!

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