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Thế Nào Là Sơn Căn Thấp? Sơn Căn Thấp Là Tướng Vận Tốt Hay Xấu?

When looking at the nose shape, painting the root is the first part that is concerned. Paint the low apartment or high will manifest of personality and destiny of its owner in different ways. So is your painting a good general? Let’s buy and sell answers through the article below!

What does low base paint mean?
What does low base paint mean?

1. Where is the paint base located on the face?

In anthropology, the base of the body is considered to be the key part that ensures the smooth functioning of the body. This is likened to the root of a person, affecting personality as well as vitality.

To determine where the paint is, you need to take 2 eyes and press the line to measure the axis. The main paint root is the part located in the middle of the eyes, below the line and the starting point of the nose wave. The simulation image of below will help you visualize it more easily:

Location of paint house
Paint the low apartment – ​​The location to paint the apartment

2. Is low paint good or bad??

So is painting low base good or bad? The answer is that low base paint often represents bad character. People with this type of painting root are prone to illness and chronic illness, and it is difficult to fully recover. Poor health can affect their lives and careers. In work and business, these people often face many difficulties and fail despite their best efforts.

Is low paint good or bad?
Low floor paint – Good or bad

Low, concave paint is also a sign of a person’s lack of patience, which limits career development. For men with a low base of paint, they tend to easily fall into sexual desire, which eventually leads to poor health. In addition, they also have the disadvantage of not having a strong opinion, taking a firm stance or relying on others.

3. Some generals have a low but beautiful nose

Although low-level paint is not appreciated, there are a few generals with low-level paint that still bring their own beauty to the owner. Detail:

3.1 Lion-nosed generals

Called lion’s nose (lion’s nose) because this nose has similarities with the nose of a lion. The lion’s nose has the following characteristics: the nose body (nose bridge) is short and low, the tip of the nose is large, slightly protruding forward and the wings are thick and wide to the sides, when viewed directly, the nostrils are less visible.

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Lion-nose generals (unicorn nose)
Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong is one of the people with the lion’s nose.

People who own this nose general are often considered to have a kind and peaceful personality, but they also have an outspoken and straightforward personality. Most of them are very smart, shrewd and far-sighted.

3.2 Suspicious gallbladder-shaped nose pattern

The gallbladder nose is also a common nose shape in Asians. This type of nose looks like a lion’s nose but it is not at all, its difference is in the following factors: low nose tip, quite straight and straight nose bridge, round and quite large nose tip.

Suspended gallbladder-shaped nose pattern
Paint the lower base – Hanging gallbladder-shaped nose shape

Most people who own this type of nose are straightforward people, always responsible in work and life, have an assertive personality and like to take the initiative in everything. They often have a rich, successful career path.

3.3 General of the nose in the shape of a coconut

If you have a low base paint but the shape of the nose along the coconut is very beautiful, delicate and impressive. This nose shape is described as: high and straight nose bridge, slim nose tip and no nostrils.

General of the nose along the coconut
Paint low base – General nose vertical coconut

People with a vertical nose are usually sincere and sociable people. Moreover, they often have good fortune, favorable career reputation and support from noble people. Because of the above reasons, many people who have low base paint often intervene to correct this nose shape.

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4. Learn some general characteristics of the mountain base

4.1 The general paint is straight, tall

Straight, high paint is understood as the paint base is not tilted too much or low compared to the bridge of the nose. Contrary to people with a low paint base, people with a high paint base usually have very good health. Not much when caught, they complain about sickness and disease.

In relationships, they are often loved, respected and trusted by everyone. When working, thanks to their talent and luck, they easily rise to a higher position than their colleagues. Due to a happy, healthy and full life, they live longer and are still very sharp and flexible in old age.

4.2 General paint low and concave base

Low-concave paint is considered not a sand general. If anyone has this trait, they will fail and lose whatever they do. In particular, if the paint is low and concave with large, upturned nostrils, it is considered an evil general that causes harm to the family and upsets parents.

General paint low and concave
General paint low and concave

In addition, if the location of the paint root is low but turns dark gray, has a bad mole, it means that the owner’s health is having problems, so go to the doctor soon for timely treatment.

4.3 General of the mountain base is broken

General paint broken root
General paint broken root

Broken paint can be understood as undulating, up and down. This is a sign that people with bad health are very susceptible to diseases when the weather changes or psychological fluctuations. In life, they often live peacefully, accepting reality, so they only have enough to eat and clothe, with little opportunity for development in the future.

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4.4 General paint narrow, small room

General paint narrow, small
General paint narrow, small

People with this type of painting are rarely loved by everyone, and their love life is also difficult because of their selfishness and haste. In addition, a narrow and small base is also a sign of a congenital problem in the executive apparatus of the body, growing up without care will be very susceptible to illness and death.

4.5 General paint base has wrinkles

If someone has a lot of wrinkles, they are likely to encounter bad luck. Their lives are often bitter and hard, so they are not confident, easily discouraged, do not dare to fight for their own interests.

General paint has wrinkles
General paint has wrinkles

The harbinger of wrinkles in the mountain root indicates that the owner’s health situation will later face many uncertainties, prone to illness. In addition, the more wrinkles, the more conflicts, discord, and disputes in married life will lead to separation of husband and wife and children.

4.6 General of the mountain base has a raised bone forming a segment

People with this type of painting base often face difficulties and obstacles in life. Most of them fail at any job, no matter how big or small, so they are easily discouraged and lose faith in life. Especially for women, they are often soft-hearted and light-hearted, so they are weaker and more depressed.

General of the mountain base has raised bones to form a joint
General of the mountain base has raised bones to form a joint

This painting of the base also represents the love line with many sad and painful stories. Although they have always been faithful, they did not have a perfect marriage in the end. Most of the time, their families are always chaotic, discord, not happy like many other families.

4.7 Generals painted with horizontal lines

People with horizontal stripes are often very fastidious and irritable. However, sometimes they are also indifferent and easy to follow the arrangement of others. Because of that, their career path is rarely successful; financial is always poor, not too much surplus.

General painted with horizontal lines
General painted with horizontal lines

In terms of health, people with this type of painting will gradually decline in health when they pass middle age. According to anthropology, the horizontal line signifies that people do not live long and are prone to dangerous accidents that cause casualties.

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5. Decipher the meaning of moles in the mountain base

The shape and position of the mole in the root can tell information about a person’s personality, emotions and luck. Detail:

5.1 In women

Women with moles in this position, although not exceptionally beautiful, are usually smart, discerning and understanding everything. Thanks to their kindness, gentleness, and good talk, they won the hearts of many people around them. At the same time, their career path is also quite successful, not too hard to worry about money.

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Decoding the meaning of moles in the mountain base in women
Decoding the meaning of moles in the mountain base in women

Regarding love, they are said to be quite lucky when choosing a suitable life partner. After getting married, even though she has a career in hand, she is willing to sacrifice to go back to help her husband develop his career. These are the girls of the family, they always cherish the job of taking care of their husband and children.

5.2 In men

For men, anyone with a mole in the mountain base is often considered a good-natured person. They are very loving people, honest and gentle, so they are loved by everyone around them. They almost rarely face difficulties because if they stumble, they will be immediately supported by the nobles. However, their self-esteem is also great, they do not want to rely on anyone to succeed.

Decoding the meaning of moles in the mountain base in men
Decoding the meaning of moles in the mountain base in men

The career of a man with a mole in the mountain base is often very large. Although they are rich themselves, they do not like to show off or look down on others. In love affairs, they often fly butterflies and flowers, but most of the time when they truly love someone, it will be very intense; Fight to the end to protect and preserve that love.

6. Does plastic surgery change destiny?

Low base paint can be improved by rhinoplasty. Many people wonder if rhinoplasty will help change their destiny. There are no studies that confirm that changing your appearance will affect your destiny, but you need to know the following:

  • Plastic surgery (PTTM) makes you more beautiful, thereby more confident. Although it is not known if your destiny is luckier or not, but with confidence in yourself, you will certainly accomplish many things in life. So it can be said that plastic surgery does not help you change your destiny, but it will help you change your perspective and way of life.
  • In Buddhism, there is a saying “mind gives birth to appearance”, that is, part of appearance is also born of mind. It’s not enough if you just have plastic surgery to beautify your appearance. You need to cultivate your self-worth, be grateful, and help others. Just doing that will make your life so much better.

The last thing that wants to send to you is that your appearance is only a part of your destiny, your way of life and your will to live is the key to determining your destiny.

Live well
Living well makes your life better

Just now, you have read all the articles about the paint base and the meaning of the generals. Don’t worry when you own paint low base Because these are just opinions in numerology, it is you who decide your own destiny. Visit to update more good feng shui knowledge!

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